YANG is an association of specific fractions from specifically selected inactivated yeast strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Cyberlindnera jadiniifor the animal nutrition.

YANG is an innovative product born from Lallemand Research & Development and the joint expertise and collaboration of our various divisions. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, Lallemand R&D teams identified and selected specific strains and their fractions with different and complementary properties.

The unique combination of different yeast strains of YANG has a synergetic effect on the animal’s immune response, enhancing zootechnical performance.


YANG is the first yeast derivative product of its kind on the market.

YANG can be used in all animal species.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

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YANG is compatible with other feed ingredients and is stable in mash, pelleted or liquid animal feed.
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