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We are committed to optimizing animal performance and well-being with specific natural microbial products and service solutions.

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Sep 12, 2017

SPACE 2017 - The International Exhibition for Animal Productions

SPACE will be 30 years old this year. Interested in the latest international livestock value-chain tech & info? Then be ... read more
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  • Aquaculture
    A range of microbial-based solutions to safeguard health and performance of aquatic farmed species in a natural way.
  • Equine
    Performance and breeding success comes from within.
  • Forage
    A balanced diet for maximizing production and maintaining animal health.
  • Beef
    Good rumen health is critical to maximizing production.
  • Dairy
    Happy cows mean happy farmers.
  • Sealing System
    High quality silage means minimizing dry matter loss.
  • Quality Silage System
    A quality silage system will ensure a healthy, profitable herd.
  • Monogastric
    With solutions developed specifically for Pigs and Poultry, Lallemand is your production partner.