Why supplement equine feed with microbial solutions?

Modern equine management practices are often inconsistent with the natural feeding habits and physiology of horses. In addition, leisure and racing horses are often subject to stress from transportation, competition, medications and more. In horses, this could impair their digestive function and create a microflora imbalance, leading to digestive disorders.

Horses’ natural defense and oxidative status are also often impacted by stress, with consequences on equine performance and well-being.

Feeding strategies that include nutritional and natural anti-oxidative solutions are able to preserve the horse’s delicate digestive function and balance. These strategies can help horses face the challenges of modern equine housing, competition and training.

Specific solutions for your Success in equine management

With extensive expertise in natural microbial products and service solutions, Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers a wide range of notably probiotics (yeast and bacteria), yeast derivatives, fermented feed and natural antioxidants for use in horses. Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s specific solutions can help leisure and performance horses alleviate digestive and oxidative stress challenges, which helps safeguard their general well-being and performance.


The Lallemand Animal Nutrition range of products for equine solutions includes:

Nem todos os produtos e soluções estão disponíveis em todos os mercados e regiões.


Levedura viva probiótica Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077, em uma fórmula desenvolvida para uso direto na fazenda.


Aditivo nutricional composto pela levedura Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cultivada com doses controladas de Selênio e parede celular de levedura (50%).


ALKOSEL® é uma fonte de selênio orgânico baseada em levedura inativa enriquecida com selênio. Contém mais de 98% de selênio na forma orgânica…


Levucell® SC, levedura específica do rúmen, é uma levedura viva e metabolicamente ativa para uso como aditivo probiótico em rações de ruminantes.