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Jun 02, 2017

International LEVUCELL SB Technical Meeting for the 1st time in Asia

Jun 02, 2017

Lallemand Animal Nutrition reinforces its growing presence on the swine Asian market by organizing on May 24th its 8th International LEVUCELL SB Technical Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. Almost 100 participants from Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, China and Japan gathered for the event to learn and discuss about sows and piglets nutrition and discover the benefits of the specific live yeast strain Saccharomyces Cerevisiae var. boulardii CNCM I-1079 (LEVUCELL SB).

Dr. Regalado ZAMORA from Philippines, Prof. In Ho KIM from Korea, Pierre LEBRETON from France and the product manager and R&D project leader from Lallemand Animal Nutrition highlighted the importance of nutritional strategies in swine feeding, especially in sows during the peri-partum phase and in piglets to face the critical period of weaning.

Advanced research and practical experiences were shared on specific topics such as the management of nutritional requirements of highly prolific sows, the transit regulation of sows, the role of fiber in sows feeding, the consequences of piglet nutrition on post-weaning stress, or the importance of intestinal microbiota in piglets.

Finally, scientific results and practical applications of LEVUCELL SB were presented to help producers face these different challenges and maintain performance in sows and piglets.

We would like to thank all the attendees and speakers who contributed to the success of this meeting!