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Sep 24, 2015

Lallemand Animal Nutrition awarded the first Grass Silage Contest in Portugal

Sep 24, 2015

As a major sponsor and technical partner of the event, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, represented by Luis Queiros, was honored to give away the First Prize of the first National Grass Silage Contest in Portugal. For this first edition, the contest attracted close to 100 entries. Farmers submitted samples of their grass silage and were rated according to its nutritional quality (main parameters evaluated: Dry Matter Content, Protein Content, Net Energy Level, Ash Content and Neutral Detergent Fiber values).

The contest highlighted the still relatively low quality of grass silage produced in Portugal, with a great margin for progress, as compared for example to corn silage. The event attracted more than 100 participants. It was a great opportunity to deliver technical messages to help improve grass silage quality, from the seed to the silo. Luis Queiros focused his intervention on silage preservation and the use of adapted silage inoculants from the LALSIL® range to speed up acidification and help preserve nutrients, in particular protein content in grass.

The contest was a real success and shall be repeated next year, with plans to enlarge its scope to other types of forages and deeper analysis. Lallemand is proud to be part of such initiative aimed at improving farming practices in the field.


 Photo: National Grass Silage Contest award. From left to right: Dr. José Caiado, dairy consultant, Luís Queirós, Lallemand Animal Nutrition,  Hendrik Roelofsen (the winner of the contest) and Eng. Nuno Marques, Editor of the Ruminantes Magazine.