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Jun 09, 2017

We support professional development in effort to optimize farm profitability

Jun 09, 2017

Third session of Lallemand Forward professional development course focused on dairy cow, silage and nutrition management


Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Blanca continue their partnership by providing continual professional development sessions to veterinarians, nutritionists and dairy farm advisers.  The third Lallemand Forward session, attended by over 50 participants at Blanca in the Pyrénées, focused on improving farm profitability through nutrition and silage management techniques. Blanca* is a unique center located in the Pyrénées, aimed at producing high quality milk in a sustainable manner and conducting research about dairy farming and disseminating the results to society and industry.

We are excited of hosting this stimulating professionalization program about dairy cow nutrition, management, and economics covering also cardinal aspects of silage production, feeding, and management. The Lallemand Forward continued professional development program has been carefully designed to cover all the basic and scientific aspects to rapidly stem onto practical implementation of concepts with the final aim of eliciting changes at the herd level that will ultimately result in more sustainable and profitable production systems”, says Alex Bach, PhD, Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentáries (IRTA). The teaching method is typical of Blanca and Lallemand experts, which is highly interactive and the participants leave with practical concepts for implementation”.

At a time of great financial pressure for the dairy industry, it is all the more crucial to focus on farm management systems and technologies to ensure farm profitability.

“Lallemand’s continued partnership with Blanca and IRTA offers participants a fantastic opportunity to learn in a state-of-the art facility from team of global experts”, says Laurent Dussert, Global Ruminant Feed Additive Category Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “Year after year we continue to strive to bring cutting-edge programs to support the continued professional development of dairy farm advisers focused on improving farm profitability. Blanca really offers fantastic opportunities to advance dairy production in a profitable and sustainable way. For example, heard managers from Blanca have designed innovative programs (nutrition, cow comfort, feed access) to improve efficiency of milk production; the management of microbial ecosystems for optimal forage, rumen and environment performances is also considered.”

This program is part of Lallemand Forward, a range of service solutions to enhance people, knowledge and production practices, from industry to farm level, which also includes Lallemand R&D Centers of Excellence, an international Pilot Farms’ network, or media such as the recently launch educational website


To learn more about Lallemand Forward initiatives, please visit:

To learn more about the Blanca Dairy Hub and their mission, please visit:


*Blanca in Spanish means white, the color of milk.