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MELOFEED is a feed ingredient obtained from the lyophilization of melon fruit pulp and juice. The resulting product is naturally rich in the primary antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD).

To enable the preservation of the SOD, MELOFEED is micro-encapsulated, providing a protective effect of this naturally present antioxidant and allowing it to be gradually released in the intestinal tract.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Oxidative stress can arise from physiological stressful situations such as reproduction, weaning, growth and training as well as from external stimuli such as heat stress, vaccination, diseases, transportation and high stocking density.

MELOFEED can help improve fertility and offspring quality (homogeneity, vitality and maturity of newborn animals) and help young animals facing the weaning period by supporting their performance and antioxidant status.

MELOFEED can be used in all animal species and is available in different formulations and compositions:

  • MELOFEED: Lyophilized (or dried) melon concentrate, microcristallline cellulose, vegetable oil
  • PM MELOFEED 2.5: MELOFEED, wheat flour, sucrose
  • MELOFEED Drink: Melon concentrate, modified maltodextrin, dextrose
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