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Sep 21, 2015

MELOFEED® helps improve layers antioxidant status and eggs quality

Sep 21, 2015


MELOFEED_LOGO_Eng_1212Lallemand Animal Nutrition has presented new antioxidant study at the 20th Edition of the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition in Prague, the 24- 27th of August. The symposium was the occasion for Lallemand Animal Nutrition to confirm its commitment in poultry nutrition research. The study presented showed the benefits of MELOFEED®, a natural source of primary antioxidant, on layers antioxidant status and eggs quality.


Better antioxidant status

During egg-laying cycle, hens are subjected to oxidative stress and their antioxidant defenses are strongly mobilized. MELOFEED® is a nutritional solution based on freeze-dried melon juice rich in antioxidant enzymes. The study highlights, for hens receiving MELOFEED® supplementation, a significant increase of the endogenous production of three antioxidant enzymes (Super Oxide Dismutase, Catalase, Glutathione peroxidase), within the reproductive tract. Such original data in poultry broaden our knowledge of MELOFEED® modes of action. Sign of a better antioxidant status, we could also measure a 9% improvement of vitamin E transfer to the egg thanks to the supplement.



Improved eggs quality

The hens improved antioxidant status is reflected on eggs quality. First of all, the antioxidant supplementation enabled to improve eggs preservation: their original freshness, evaluated by the Haugh units’ value and the albumen’s pH, is prolonged by one additional week. In addition, the yolk contribution to the egg is increased by more than 3%, meaning more nutrients available for the chick.

Antioxidant solutions and theirs effects on animal performance, welfare, as well as on animal’s products quality are an important research area for Lallemand Animal Nutrition. Such results paved the way for new fundamental research about the relationship between oxidative status and eggs quality and for the development of profitable antioxidant strategy to move our partners forward.



F. Barbé, J. Carillon, A. Sacy, F. Rudeaux, D. Lacan. Improvement of egg quality and antioxidant status of laying hens supplemented with melon-freeze dried juice concentrate rich in antioxidant enzymes. Poster presentation at the 20th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, Czech Republic, August 24-27 2015.