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Apr 05, 2018

Whitepaper: Results of global Rumen Efficiency survey

Apr 05, 2018

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Did you know that about half of the dairy farms show suboptimal rumen efficiency?

With high fluctuations in feed, milk and meat prices, improving feed efficiency and maximizing income over feed cost (IOFC) is crucial. Feed efficiency is linked to rumen efficiency. Thanks to the data collected all over the world by users of the Rumen Efficiency Investigation software, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has built up an interesting benchmark about rumen function.

Our global survey indicates that rumination is suboptimal in 69% of the farms audited and that locomotion represents a challenge in 72% of farms, with consequences on milk component yield: consequently, in half of the farms, milk fat content is below 3.8%.

To know more about the results of the study, download our whitepaper.

Objectives of the whitepaper:

  • Discover the relevant criteria to assess rumen efficiency
  • Understand that rumen efficiency could be suboptimal in 50% of dairy farms
  • Learn the benefits of live yeast as a rumen modifier

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