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We would like to inform our customers and partners that we are making every effort to ensure the continuity of our services during this time. We applied contingency plans to our production facilities, and — to date — our production is running under strict safety measures to protect the health of our staff. We will keep our customers informed as the situation evolves.


Animal Nutrition

We are committed to optimizing animal performance and well-being with specific natural microbial products and service solutions.
Webinar : Heat stress – is it really a problem for our cows?

June 03, 2021

Heat stress in dairy cows is often underestimated in the UK and…

Webinar : Colostrum quality: a golden opportunity to improve piglet performance

June 08, 2021

Colostrum quality in pigs is often overlooked in the UK and Ireland,…

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MAGNIVA Platinum MAGNIVA Platinum is a forage inoculant specially designed for crops with high aerobic stability challenges and provides feedout flexibility after 15 days.
SilageKeeper UV Covers Safeguard your silage film and achieve an effective seal with SilageKeeper UV Covers. SilageKeeper UV Covers are designed to protect against the impact of U...
Silostop Silage Film Silostop is the break-through you’ve been waiting for and it stands to save you plenty in terms of overcoming aerobic spoilage. Creating an oxygen barrier (O...