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Alkosel® 3000 is a specific inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) product containing the essential trace element selenium in its natural food form, L(+) selenomethionine.

It is produced by growing yeast in the presence of measured amounts of selenium. This specific yeast strain absorbs selenium and biochemically transforms it into the highly bioavailable L(+) selenomethionine and other seleno-proteins.

Selenomethionine is naturally found in edible plant protein but only at very low concentration. It is the most suitable form of selenium for animal nutrition

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Safety and performance
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain used for the manufacture of ALKOSEL® has been selected for its unique properties in the bioconversion of selenium.

The most consistent source of bioavailable Selenium

  • Selenomethionine is recognized as more bioavailable than sodium selenite thanks to a unique mode of absorption. The high concentration of Semet in Alkosel guarantees improved Selenium absorption within the small intestine.
  • A quality control that exceeds the highest standards:
    • The total selenium content in ALKOSEL® 3000 is guaranteed to be 3000ppm±200 ppm and is almost totally in organic form (>98%).
    • Selenomethionine content in ALKOSEL® 3000 is routinely determined by HPLC and guaranteed on the certificate of analysis of each manufacturing batch.
      Internationally approved
      ALKOSEL® is regsitered by the CFIA and in Mexico.

Dairy cattle, Beef, and young ruminants

  • Improves Selenium status in blood and tissues and maintains the availability of selenium during periods of stress
  • Better natural defenses of the animal under situations leading to increased oxidative stress (heat stress, end of lactation period, sanitary stress, transportation, …)
  • Supports optimal nutrition and reproductive performance (fertility, cleansing)
  • Improves Selenium transfer from cow to calf
  • Improves Selenium content in animals’ end products (improved beef meat quality…)

Total selenium in feed material from all sources must not exceed 0.5 ppm. Follow label directions.

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