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Silostop Orange oxygen barrier film

Silostop Orange is the original 45 micron impermeable film stopping the entry of oxygen into silage. A 9 layer film, Silostop Orange is light and very strong, making it easy to handle. Its unique oxygen barrier (OB) properties are proven to be over 60 times more effective than conventional silage sheeting and helps reduce DM losses, eliminates waste and increases aerobic stability at feedout.

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Silostop Orange oxygen barrier film is a light and strong silage film, making it easy to handle and apply. Its unique oxygen barrier properties are proven to be over 60 times more effective than conventional plastic covers and it stops even more oxygen when compared with clear PE or poly ethylene “clingfilm” type products.

Silostop Orange is a 2-step system must be protected from physical damage and UV light with a second layer. The system involves using the 45um OB film and overlaying this with SilageKeeper UV Covers, securely held in place using SealKeeper Gravel Bags. Alternatively, conventional co-extruded   black/white silage film can be used to provide the additional protection for the OB film.

  • Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated, saving money on labour to remove waste silage or worse having spoilt silage contaminate feed and impact animal production and health
  • Dry matter loss is reduced by up to 50% in the top 900mm of silage compared to conventional black/white-on-black PE film .
  • Silostop Orange oxygen barrier film is thinner and less bulky than conventional plastics and are therefore less to recycle
  • Silostop Orange oxygen barrier film has been and is continually independently researched proving that aerobic stability is improved and that nutrient levels are preserved at an optimum level.
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