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We would like to inform our customers and partners that we are making every effort to ensure the continuity of our services during this time. We applied contingency plans to our production facilities, and — to date — our production is running under strict safety measures to protect the health of our staff. We will keep our customers informed as the situation evolves.

Quality Silage Systems

Quality silage systems

Australia’s leading silage production consultancy

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is Australia’s leading silage production consultancy. Based in Maroochydore, Queensland, we provide a completely integrated silage production service, incorporating forage inoculants, sealing systems, management and technical support to silage contractors and livestock producers throughout Australia.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition can assist you with every aspect of producing high quality silage, from varietal selection right through to feeding out. Our sole objective is to optimise the health, performance and profitability of your livestock enterprise via the production of high quality, cost-effective feed.

Our five regionally-based technical services managers work with hundreds of dairy, beef and lamb producers and silage contractors throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria every year. We also have extensive experience in the development of silage production systems in New Zealand and South East Asia.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has been involved in the Australian livestock industry for more than 25 years via its long-standing distributor, Quality Silage Systems. The company acquired Quality Silage Systems in 2010 following the retirement of founders, Ken and Trudy Rich.

Not all products are available in all markets nor all claims allowed in all regions.

MAGNIVA Platinum

MAGNIVA Platinum is a forage inoculant specially designed for crops with high aerobic stability challenges and provides feedout flexibility after 15 days.


MAGNIVA Classic is a forage inoculant specially designed to drive the rapid fermentation and preservation of all forage types. It is especially suitable for low dry matter (DM) forages – which are often lower in sugar content – requiring a quick and efficient fermentation.


Lalsil HC bacterial forage inoculant contains homofermentative and heterofermentative bacteria for the preservation and aerobic stability of forages. It’s combination of Lactobacillus…

Trilac HC

Trilac HC bacterial forage inoculant is designed to improve the fermentation efficiency of silages made from pastures, corn, sorghum, legumes and cereals. …

Silostop Silage Film

Silostop is the break-through you’ve been waiting for and it stands to save you plenty in terms of overcoming aerobic spoilage. Creating an…

Silacover Silage Film

Silacover black and white silage films feature co-extruded blend of virgin resins which provide exceptional puncture and tear resistance. The white layer…

HayKeeper Breathable Covers

Take care of the round hay bales that you are leaving out in the weather with HayKeeper Breathable Cover. HayKeeper Breathable Covers…

SealKeeper Gravel Bags

SealKeeper Gravel Bags create a tight seal on silage pits or stacks. SealKeeper Gravel Bags are critical for restricting oxygen from entering…

SilageKeeper UV Covers

Safeguard your silage film and achieve an effective seal with SilageKeeper UV Covers. SilageKeeper UV Covers are designed to protect against the impact of UV light…