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Sealing Systems

Can silage sealing systems contribute to farm profitability?

The most critical factor in maintaining high-quality silage and minimizing dry matter loss is keeping oxygen out. Helping farmers overcome spoilage, Lallemand Animal Nutrition distributes a range of innovative and proven oxygen barrier (OB) films which provide an excellent alternative to conventional polyethylene.

Substantially reduce the level of aerobic spoilage in your stored silage by limiting growth of spoilage organisms (fungi). These fungi need oxygen to respire. Oxygen barrier film reduces dry matter losses and significantly increases rumen health to impact directly on your bottom line.

There’s no need to tolerate dry matter losses; reduced animal productivity or feeding inefficiencies any longer. After purchasing livestock, the single greatest direct cost you’ll incur is feeding them, so it stands to reason that an efficient feeding system is paramount to your bottom line.

Specific solutions for your Success in silage sealing systems

As an expert in microbial fermentation, Lallemand Animal Nutrition markets a range of silage plastics and commodities to address specific challenges faced at ensiling. By selecting the right plastics, silage producers can ensure optimal preservation of dry matter and the nutritive value of their silage crops from the field to feedout, optimizing performance and animal efficiency.

Practical solutions include; oxygen barrier (OB) film, co-extruded film, gravel filled sealing weights and protective UV woven mat covers.


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The Lallemand Animal Nutrition range of specific commodities for optimal silage quality include:

Not all products are available in all markets nor all claims allowed in all regions.

Silostop Max is an 80 micron silage film that blocks the entry of oxygen into silage. An advanced 9-layer film, Silostop Max reduces DM losses in the upper layer, eliminates waste on the surface, and increases aerobic stability at feedout.
Silostop Orange is light and very strong oxygen barrier (OB) film proven to help reduce DM losses, eliminate waste and increase aerobic stability at feedout.
Silacover Silage Film
Silacover black and white silage films feature co-extruded blend of virgin resins which provide exceptional puncture and tear resistance....
HayKeeper Breathable Covers
HayKeeper Breathable Covers protect round hay bales from the elements, while allowing the passage of air and moisture out of the hay, preventing condensation an...
SilageKeeper UV Covers
SilageKeeper UV Covers are designed to protect against the impact of UV light and damage caused by animals and environment. Ideal for protecting Silostop oxyg...
SealKeeper Gravel Bags
SealKeeper Gravel Bags create a tight seal on silage pits or stacks. SealKeeper Gravel Bags are critical for restricting oxygen from entering the silage mass....