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Our R&D Resources

Our research and development resources

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For every 15 Lallemand employees, at least one is in R&D

Our research team is organized around six major platforms:

  1. The Lallemand microbial culture collection and strain screening expertise (over 2,500 yeast strains and 10,000+ bacteria strains)
  2. A microbial characterization laboratory
  3. A process and formulation laboratory
  4. The mechanistic research group
  5. The applied research and development team
  6. A corporate transversal team, including an autonomous disruptive research unit

These are based either:

  • Within our in-house facilities across Europe and North America, in Montreal, Lebanon (NH), Oban (Scotland), Grenaa (Denmark), Tallinn (Estonia), Malvern (UK), and Toulouse (France).
  • Externally, thanks to privileged collaborative partnerships with leading research organizations worldwide, forming our Lallemand Forward Centers of Excellence.

In addition, the company nurtures a global network of partnerships with independent universities, research centers, experimental facilities, and commercial farms around the world, including long-term partnerships with over 60 institutions.

What are the Lallemand Forward Centers of Excellence?

lallemand centers of excellence

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has established partnerships with research entities around the world to develop Centers of Excellence and satellite collaborations to Forward the development and innovation of microbial solutions.

  • Work at these Centers focuses on continuously documenting the biology, mode of action, and benefits of existing yeast and bacteria strains dedicated to animal nutrition.
  • Scientists are also searching for microbial solutions and future applications to support sustainable animal production. This includes pre-competitive research projects to progress the understanding of the functioning of microbial ecosystems within livestock production systems. Particular attention is paid to the development of experimental tools, models, and biomarkers.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition Centers of Excellence includes: 

  • Ruminant Center of Excellence in Theix, France, and satellite collaborations in Canada and Europe, dedicated to research on ruminant microbial ecosystems and product development and applications for beef, dairy, and small ruminants. The research conducted covers all aspects of the rumen and lower gut microbiota — from its establishment, and its evolution, down to its function and internal or external interactions with feedstuffs or other microbes.
  • Forage Center of Excellence in Chazy, N.Y., USA, with satellite collaborations in Europe, is committed to research and development for improving forage fermentation, management, and safety. The research conducted covers silage microbial ecology, screening for new active ingredients, and supporting the validation of new technologies.
  • Monogastrics Center of Excellence in Toulouse, France, and internal in vivo facilities in France are dedicated to research on digestive microbial ecosystems and product development and applications for swine and poultry. The researchers have access to advanced OMICS technologies from the hosting institutes and research all aspects of lower gut microbiota and intestinal health. They study the complex interactions between products, the intestinal microbiota, and the host to determine their implications on animal health, performance and well-being.
  • Aquaculture satellite collaboration in Plymouth, UK, dedicated to research on mucosal response and microbial ecosystems of farmed aquatic species. The research conducted covers various aspects of intestinal health.


Our research and development partnerships

Lallemand Animal Nutrition works with key opinion leaders. Our research and development team develops partnerships with renowned universities and research centers around the world.

Privileged collaborative partnerships have been established with leading research organizations, creating Centers of Excellence to foster innovation in all areas of microbial solutions.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition continuously supports:

  • Collaborative research with external partners
  • Local production trials (study design, analysis, funding, etc.)
  • Key scientific events
  • Internships and student programs for new scientists

An important part of our research and development is conducted in partnership with our industry partners. Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers its customers continuous technical support to ensure the optimal application and efficacy of its solutions.

Interested to collaborate with us? Contact our R&D team by clicking here!

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