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Service Forward: expertise support service

Specifically chosen service solutions that enhance people, knowledge and production practices

At Lallemand Animal Nutrition, high-value is put on creating and maintaining strong customer relationships. Lallemand is raising the bar and setting new standards to benefit animals and create better customer experiences. Lallemand Forward represents our ideals while keeping an eye on the future.


Lallemand Animal Nutrition is:

  • At the forefront of providing modern yeast, bacteria and microbial solutions;
  • Advancing toward a mutual goal with our customers to improve practices, optimize production and enhance satisfaction;
  • Proving performance at every turn;
  • A responsible and trustworthy partner;
  • Growing as a company and as an industry leader;
  • Investing in agriculture’s next generation;
  • Adding value to move customers and ourselves Forward.

Research and development

No Lallemand product is brought to market without a substantial base of research and proof of performance. Lallemand applies Forward-thinking to research which results in quality products with practical application.

Education, on-farm services and industry support

Lallemand uses its company resources to better serve customers and partners — from our production facilities, to our experienced network of experts, to the energy and innovative spirit of our people. Lallemand supports the advancement of animal nutrition’s current and future generations of innovators. Knowledge is paid Forward to help customers improve their practices.

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