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Oct 13, 2021

1000 tonnes of silage coming up

Oct 13, 2021

Central Queensland beef producer, Nick Dyer, is the happy winner of a $10,000 package of seed, forage inoculant, sealing consumables and technical support offered by Lallemand Animal Nutrition as part of its Beef Australia promotion.

The package is sufficient to produce about 1000 tonnes of silage.

Together with wife Anna, and three daughters, Nick runs about 2000 Brahman x European crossbred cattle across two properties in the Pine Hill district, about 40 km east of Alpha.

About 1000 breeders are run on ‘Malanbar’, a 5200 ha property located about 100 km north.

Steers and surplus heifers are then returned to the home property, ‘Mountain View’, where they are grown out to about 500 kg liveweight for the feedlot market.

About 60% of the 5000 ha home property has been blade-ploughed and sown to tropical legumes over the years.

Nick says he is always on the look-out for ways of improving his productivity.

“My family has been here for four generations but I’m mindful that we’re only here once,” he says.

“I look at this farm and ask myself how can we grow this business?

“We can either invest more in blade ploughing, buy more land or try to intensify the business.

“Land around here is $10,000 a beast unit, so we can either invest $5 million to run an extra 500 cows or we can find another way to run an extra 500 head.”

Nick has been quietly investigating the feasibility of producing silage for several years.

“I didn’t go to Beef Australia specifically to visit Lallemand Animal Nutrition but I certainly spent a lot of time on their stand once I found them,” he says.

“It was like the Holy Grail of silage – their staff, the other companies and contractors were really helpful and the speakers were excellent.

“I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to talk to other beef producers who are already growing silage.”

Nick is working with Lallemand Animal Nutrition Technical Services Manager, Jordan Minniecon, and hopes to plant about 60 ha of sorghum this summer, depending on the season.

“We’re pumped and we’re going to give it a crack,” he says.

“We’re mid-way through levelling a section of fertile black soil and intend to plant the crop using one of our old tractors and a borrowed combine.

“We’re not going to invest too much in equipment until we have a paddock full of sorghum.

“Likewise, we aren’t sure how we going to use silage but I can definitely see a role for silage in finishing the steers.

“Having 1000 tonnes of feed put away is going to be handy insurance against drought.

“Either way, this prize is going to open doors for us.”

Lallemand Animal Nutrition would like to thank Pacific Seeds who have kindly donated the seed for the silage giveaway.