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Nov 05, 2019

Industry testimonial: “There is great cooperation between our teams“

Nov 05, 2019

industry testimonial: adifeed

Adifeed – Krzysztof Białoń and Witold Nowak

Adifeed is a Polish company founded in 2007 that distributes quality feed additives in Poland and products of its own eubiotics solutions distributed on five continents. Active in all animal species.

How long have you been working with Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s products?

Witold: “Since we started in 2007, we are the exclusive distributor of Lallemand Animal Nutrition products for Poland. We distribute the whole portfolio of Lallemand solutions, including probiotics, yeast cell walls, antioxidants, and silage inoculants.”

Can you tell us a bit about your route to market for Lallemand solutions?

Witold: “Poultry is our main market. Annual broiler feed production is 5 M tons, and it’s growing. We are very proud that Lallemand got the first food safety claim in Europe for S. c. boulardii in broilers, and we started selling it last year. We are aiming to address campylobacter contamination, the main problem in Poland at slaughterhouses.”

Krzysztof: “The dairy market is composed of a majority of 50- to 70-cow family farms with great potential for growth. We have built the market from the ground up, visiting and advising famers. For silage additives, we focus on education. We conduct many Silage Schools and already have 3 pilot farms. For feed additives, we have created a line of farmpacks to directly penetrate the end market. Our core route to market remains the premixers and feed mills.”

Why did you choose to work with Lallemand?

Krzysztof: “For the quality and efficacy of the products, of course, but we also love the people. Lallemand is a family company, and we have been growing together from the beginning – we are like family. We have a very similar way of conducting business, of creating direct relationships with our customers, and we really work as a team.”

Witold: “Lallemand is a very solid and loyal supplier. We have built the business together in Poland. Lallemand invests a lot in marketing and in science, providing strong scientific support that can be used in front of customers. Lallemand is also the only probiotics supplier of both bacteria and yeast. Also for the people; business is done between people, and, with the Lallemand team, we can have tough discussions, but we always find a solution in the end. There is great cooperation between our teams, and this is capital for my customers but also for my employees.”