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Sep 05, 2022

Step up your cow health monitoring with smaXtec

Sep 05, 2022

SmaXtec’s bolus technology guarantees reliable heat detection and facilitates easier calvings, providing you with precise insights on herd health, reproduction and feeding.

The smaXtec bolus measures inner body temperature, activity, rumination and drinking behaviour directly inside the cow, thus providing health data with unrivalled accuracy. You receive precise insights into your cows’ health, reproduction and feeding status, enabling you to combine animal health with profitable dairy farming.

With smaXtec, cows’ health is not only monitored in the critical phase around birth, you are also informed when calving is imminent. According to customer experience, the smaXtec system notifies you on average 15 hours before calving and gives you enough time to take necessary measures.

So how does it work? Inner body temperature decreases considerably when the calving process starts. This commonly accepted and scientifically proven indicator for calving is reliably detected by smaXtec. You are informed upfront via push notification and email. This lets you make sure early on that you and your cow are prepared and ready for a problem-free birth. You can take your animals to a separate calving box, administer calcium boluses to prevent milk fever, assist the cow at the right moment, contact your vet if needed and save the life of cow and calf in an emergency.

Equally important to the economic success of any dairy farm is good fertility management and the efficient insemination of the herd. Farmers working with smaXtec benefit from the system’s automatic and reliable heat detection which is based on the recognition of behavioral changes. These typical changes often only occur for a short period of time or at night. Thanks to continuous monitoring, you detect the slightest estrus signs. Together with the automatically generated recommendation for an ideal insemination time window, you can significantly improve insemination success and reproduction figures on your farm.

For herds on pasture both temporarily and permanently, smaXtec offers solar-powered read-out devices, too. With a specially developed algorithm, smaXtec also supports you on pasture with reliable heat detection, and all other functions (calving detection, health and rumination measurement) work just as in the barn.

By monitoring key health parameters – inner body temperature, activity and rumination – continuously and comprehensively, smaXtec enables you to keep a close eye on your animals, protecting the herd, providing stable milk yield and significant cost savings.