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Feb 04, 2019

To wether the weather

Feb 04, 2019

Tired of wasting spoiled hay every year, Amy Rush trialed HayKeeper Breathable Covers on her family farm two years ago and hasn’t looked back. Initially only purchasing one, she has since recognised their value and purchased additional covers, a decision she didn’t even need to think about.

HayKeeper Breathable Covers protect round hay bales from the elements, while allowing the passage of air and moisture out of the hay to prevent condensation and mould growth. Protecting hay from weather damage also significantly reduces the cost of wintering cows each year.

“With the weather being so unreliable, we cut and bale whatever we can every year,” Amy said. “And when the shed is full, we store the remainder of our hay bales outside under a HayKeeper Cover, which keeps it dry.”

Covering the bales with HayKeeper Covers provides an economic advantage, especially if a portion of this year’s crop will be carried over into next years’ feeding period, which is exactly how Amy uses the covers.

“Our hay is used to supplementary feed the breeding and weaner cattle, especially over the winter months as not much grows.”

“The average cost of a good hay bale in an ordinary year is $60. Hay left out in the weather has spoilage of approximately 20%. So with 120 bales fitting conservatively under one cover, I have saved $1,440 in the first season alone.”

Thats a return on investment of 100% in the first season alone, Amy added.

HayKeeper Covers lay over the stack of bales and then are secured by using the click clack system and weighted down with gravel bags. The stack must form a pyramid shape so that any water that hits the cover runs off.

“I am happy with how they work,” Amy said. “I have checked the covers after they have weathered some heavy rain and any dampness that exist, dries out because they are breathable.”

“They are proven to be a very affordable option and have the ability to be reused year after year. And better still they are manageable with one person – very light and user friendly.”

“All you have to remember is to put the smooth side facing up so that any water runs away.”

HayKeeper Covers offer maximum flexibility to keep your animal well-fed all year round. They are transportable and allow you to keep your hay protected in the field which minimises the need to transport them.

“They provide us with security over the seasonal conditions that we experience in Victoria by allowing us to store surplus hay outside, plus they are a lot cheaper than building a new shed,” Amy concluded.