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In the press

Jun 03, 2011

“Impact of live yeast on microflora establishment of the foal’s gut” (ALL ABOUT FEED magazine, N°6-2011)

Jun 3, 2011

Most foals will experience at least one episode of diarrhea before reaching siw months. Infections diarrhoeas are very common and can lead…

Feb 20, 2011

“Live yeast aids rumen function, milk yield” (Feedstuffs, February 2011)

Feb 20, 2011

Live yeast increased milk yield and feed efficiency across multiple experiments, possibly due to improved rumen function or reduced nitrogen waste […]

Mar 27, 2010

The latest thinking on silage inoculants for dairy cows (International Dairy Topics, March 2010)

Mar 27, 2010

Silage represents a major source of ruminant feed in the world today. Ensiling is a biological process and, as such, its success…