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BIOTAL Buchneri 40788

BIOTAL® Buchneri 40788 is selected to help maintain higher quality, more hygienic feeds through improved aerobic stability.

Approved by the CFIA (CFIA Registration #981589)

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What is in Biotal Buchneri 40788?
Lactobacillus Buchneri NCIMB 40788

  • Main Features:
    • Reduces heating and spoilage during feedout
    • Breaks down cellulose, making it more accessible to fiber-digesting rumen microbes
  • Colony forming Units (CFU):
    • 400,000 CFU/g fresh forage
    • 600,000 CFU/g high moisture corn

Along with Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788, Biotal Buchneri 40788 includes high activity enzymes that help direct fermentation and increase fiber digestibility.
strong>Biotal Buchneri 40788 is used for:

  • High moisture corn/earlage/snaplage/baleage
  • Haylages over 35% DM
  • Corn silage above 30% DM
  • Silages to be fed during warmer temperatures
  • Ensiling silage that will be transported or relocated
  • Slower than ideal feedout rates
  • Crops exposed to conditions that cause yeast and mold growth in the field

Approved by the CFIA:

  • Increases milk yield in lactating dairy cows when applied to alfalfa silage at 40-45% dry matter (DM) and fed in a total mixed ration (TMR)
  • Improve the aerobic stability of a TMR when applied to alfalfa silage at 40-45% DM
  • Improve the aerobic stability of a TMR when applied to whole plant barley silage at 35-40% DM
  • Improves weight gain and feed conversion efficiency in dairy bulls fed whole crop wheat silage at 35-45% DM
  • Improves weight gain in sheep when fed whole crop corn silage at 35-40% DM as the sole forage in a TMR
  • Improves aerobic stability of whole-plant barley silage at 35-40% DM
  • Improves aerobic stability whole-plant corn silage at 30-35% DM
  • Reduces the development of yeasts and molds during fermentation when applied to whole-plant corn silage at 30-35% DM
  • Reduces heating and the development of yeasts and molds at feeding in grass silage ensiled at 40-50% DM

As with all Biotal forage inoculants, Biotal Buchneri 40788 has shown consistent performance through numerous lab and farm trials. This dedication to product efficacy is what makes Biotal the world’s premium forage inoculant brand.

Biotal Buchneri 40788 helps achieve improved aerobic stability which leads to:

  • Less spoilage
  • Less heating
  • Less molds


Improved Aerobic Stability
Biotal Buchneri 40788 treated HMC was significantly more stable after removal from the silo compared to the untreated control.1

Improved TMR Stability
Treating barley silage with Biotal Buchneri 40788 provided significantly greater aerobic stability The improvement is stability carried over into the TMR produced using the the treated silage.2

This improvement in TMR stability using Biotal Buchneri 40788 has been shown in a number of independent studies.4

Increase In Milk Production
Dairy cows fed Biotal Buchneri 40788 treated alfalfa silage produced 0.8 Kg more milk per day than untreated controls, 1.1 Kg mor eon fat-corrected basis.3

1 Kung, L. et. al. (2003) J. Dairy Sci. 86: 336-343 (BTNAE036) 2 Kung, L. et. al (2002) J. Dairy Sci. 85:1793-1800 (BTNAE043) 3 Kung, L. et. al. (2007) J. Dairy Sci. 90: 2309-2314 (BTNAE035) 4 Unpublished Data. University of Delaware.

Package Sizes: 100 g water soluble concentrate to treat 50 tons of forage or haylage, or 33 tons of HMC or grains. Also available in a 400 g package to treat 200/133 tons, respectively. When properly applied, BIOTAL® Buchneri 40788 will deliver 400,000 CFU/g silage or haylage or 600,000 CFU/g high moisture corn or grain.

US Patent Number: 6,326,037

FDA Reviewed “for improved aerobic stability of silage and high moisture corn stored for not less than 60 days.”

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