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BIOTAL® Buchneri Hay 40788 allows successful hay baling at higher moisture levels to retain more nutrients and more color.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Independent research has proven not all inoculants are created equal. All Biotal forage inoculants have been validated in independent research studies. Biotal uses combinations of three elite core technologies.

Elite Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Strains

Biotal forage inoculants contain scientifically selected, elite LAB strains with validated colony forming units (CFUs) for a faster, more efficient fermentation. This means:

  • Fast pH drop
  • Maximized dry matter retention
  • Minimized risk of spoilage (e.g. clostridial) fermentation

Patented Formulations with Enzymes

  • Enzymes help break down plant fibers and feed the LAB. The high activity enzyme formulation in Biotal Plus, Biotal Buchneri 40788 and Biotal Buchneri 500 also help to:
  • Direct fermentation
  • Increase fiber digestibility

High dose L. buchneri 40788

Biotal Buchneri Hay 40788 contains a high dose of L. buchneri 40788 – reviewed by the FDA and allowed to claim efficacy in preventing heating and spoilage. This helps:

  • Consistently reduce heating and spoilage across the full range of forages
  • Maintain better feed hygiene: less yeasts and molds and less toxins

Allows successful hay baling at higher moisture levels to retain more nutrients and more color.

CFU Delivery: 1,200,000 CFU/g of hay

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