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Biotal Plus is a unique forage inoculant proven to enhance the ensiling fermentation process, reducing spoilage and forage losses, maximizing nutrient retention and dry matter (DM) recovery from preserved feeds. Biotal Plus also increases fiber digestibility and helps maintain aerobic stability at feed-out.

Approved by the CFIA (CFIA Registration #981118)

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Biotal Plus provides fast, efficient fermentation to help improve feed efficiency and drive production.

What is in Biotal Plus?

Pediococcus pentosaceus 12455 and Propionibacterium jensenii R2435

Main Features:

  • Provides fast, efficient fermentation to prevent bad fermentations due to Clostridia, Listeria, Enterobacteria, etc., enzymes produce sugars matched to the utilization capabilities of strain 12455 to drive and direct the ensiling process, for less heating and spoilage and better digestibility.
  • Produces propionic acid to help reduce yeast and mold levels.

Colony Forming Units (CFU):

  • 120,000 CFU/g of fresh forage

Biotal Plus is used for:

  • Grasses
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Baled Silage
  • Whole crop silages
  • Crops exposed to conditions that cause yeast and mold growth in the field

Approved by the CFIA:

  • Increases fat corrected milk yield in dairy cattle fed corn at 75-85% moisture
  • Increases average daily gain in steers fed high moisture corn at 25-35% moisture
  • Increases average daily gain in suckling calves when cows are fed grass/legume silage at 55-65% moisture

As with all Biotal forage inoculants, Biotal Plus has shown consistent performance through numerous lab and farm trials. This dedication to product efficacy is what makes Biotal the world’s premium forage inoculant brand.

Biotal Plus helps achieve fast fermentation and improved aerobic stability which leads to:

  • Improved DM recovery
  • Ideal fermentation
  • Better protein quality
  • Less heating

Increased feed digestibility

Biotal Plus treated silages had significantly higher in NDF-digestibility over eight hours incubation compared to untreated silage in in-situ digestibility tests.1

Get greater weight gain per ton of HMC

Finishing steers fed HMC treated with Biotal Plus had higher average daily gain compared to the control.2

Improved milk production

Biotal Plus significantly improved milk yield and composition for grass sialge fed to dairy cows.3 Also, cows fed corn
silage treated with Biotal Plus saw an increase in 3.5% fat-corrected milk (FCM) yield.4

Improved aerobic stability in HMC

HMC treated with Biotal Plus was significantly more stable after 90 days of storage compared to the control.5


1 (BTCAE040) Givens, D. I. Lallemand Unpublished, 1992. ADAS Drayton, Feed Evaluation Unit, UK. 2 (BTCAE054) Kreikemeier, K. K. and Bolsen, K. K. Effect of Treating High-Moisture Corn with a Bacterial Inoculant (Biotal) at Ensiling on Fermentation Efficiency and Growth Performance and Carcass Merit of Finishing Steers, 1995 Cattleman’s Day, Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, Report of Progress 745 3 (BTCAE042) Patterson, D. C. Lallemand Unpublished, 1998. Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland, Hillsborough, UK. 4 (BTCAE025) Leaver, J. D. Lallemand Unpublished, 1992. Wye College, University of London, UK. 5 (BTCAE027) Muck, R. Unpublished. USDA Dairy Research Center. Madison, WI.

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