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Aug 02, 2017

French and Belgian customers discover the secret life of silage microbes

Aug 02, 2017

From the Silage Center of Excellence at Miner’s institute (NY, USA) to Lallemand group’s yeast and bacteria production plants in Montreal, a group of customers from France &Belgium took part in a silage Tour in North America. The group of about twenty people began by visiting the Miner Institute, where Pascal Drouin, PhD, in charge of the Silage Center of Excellence, shared his passion for silage microbiology and unveiled the science behind the inoculants of tomorrow.

The group was also able to visit Canadian ruminant farms or a premix factory before discovering the inside life of a yeast and a bacteria production plant. Montreal area is home of two of the group bacteria plants and the historical yeast plant on Préfontaine street which recently celebrated its 100th Anniversary and continue to deliver daily tons of baker’s yeast to the Canadian baking industry as well as specific yeasts for other global industries such as enology, human or animal nutrition or biofuel among others.