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Jan 19, 2016

Lallemand Animal Nutrition Launches Alkosel® 600 Selenium Supplement

Jan 19, 2016

Ready-to-Use Formulation Improves Convenience for Feed Mills



Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces the availability of Alkosel® 600 in the United States. Alkosel 600 is a new, ready-to-use formulation of the company’s inactivated whole cell yeast containing organic selenium that can be used without the added step of premixing.


“At Lallemand Animal Nutrition, we’re committed to addressing the industries’ needs with specific, natural microbial solutions,” says Ernest Keith, Ph.D., Monogastric Product Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, North America. “Our customers told us they wanted the benefits of our original selenium supplement, Alkosel 3000, in a ready-to-use formulation.”

The selenium contained in Alkosel is predominantly in the form of selenomethionine, which is a natural form of selenium that is highly bioavailable to animals. Selenium has several functions in the diets of swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses and poultry, including:

  • Lower incidence of muscular deficiencies1
  • Enhanced antioxidant profiles in animal end products2,3
  • Reinforced immunity4
  • Improved fertility5

Organic selenium is more easily absorbed in the digestive tract as an amino acid compared to inorganic selenium, which is poorly absorbed in the digestive tract because it binds to other components, Dr. Keith explains.

“As a leader in identification of microbial strains for specific applications, Lallemand Animal Nutrition selected a unique yeast strain for its production of Alkosel,” he says. “Both the strain’s properties and its ability to be easily absorbed by the animal make it the right strain for selenium supplementation in livestock.”

Alkosel 600 should be included at the rate of one pound per ton of finished feed. It is available in 20 kg (44 lb) bags.  Alkosel includes the guaranteed minimum level of organic selenium as set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AFFCO). Alkosel 3000 will still be available for customers that prefer a concentrated formulation.

“Alkosel 600 is a premium quality, high-performance product that we are excited to introduce,” Dr. Keith says. “Alkosel 600 allows feed mills to take advantage of the benefits of organic selenium with added flexibility for any feeding situation.”