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Dec 15, 2016

Meeting in Vietnam to discuss about reduction of antibiotics in livestock production

Dec 15, 2016

Last November 24th, around 120 swine professionals gathered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for a full update on production strategies with a reduced use of antibiotics.
Countries in the South East Asia region are particularly vulnerable to antibiotic resistances, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In some parts of the region, more than one quarter of Staphylococcus aureus infections are reported to be methicillin-resistant, meaning that treatment with standard antibiotics does not work.
The strategy suggested by WHO is to promote the reduction of antibiotics in veterinary medicine, and, as a consequence, regulation has been established towards this goal.
The seminar started with a general overview of antibiotic free livestock production, by Dr. Chin How Cheong, swine and poultry production consultant in the South East Asian region. Mr. David Saornil, DVM, Product Manager – swine applications at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, explained different nutritional strategies to produce without antibiotics.
Dr. Vo Thi Tra An, Professor at the faculty of Veterinary Science of Ho Chi Minh City, gave her view and updated with the last changes on the Vietnamese regulation on the topic. Dr. Pradip Linge, Area Manager South East Asia at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, introduced Lallemand natural solutions to produce pigs without antibiotics, with a particular focus on the specific live yeast, LEVUCELL® SB.
The seminar was organized in cooperation with Innochems, Co., distributor of LEVUCELL ®SB in Vietnam and raised a lot of interest among the swine producers and feed nutritionists that attended not only from Vietnam, but also from other countries in South East Asia.
As a summary of the meeting, the most successful approach to step down in the use of antibiotics at farm level, is to apply a combination of different strategies, involving the application of feed additives like LEVUCELL® SB, but also including diet modifications and other preventive measures.