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Oct 11, 2013

Success of the first Lallemand Animal Nutrition distributor’s meeting in Maghreb

Oct 11, 2013

Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s poultry and dairy teams gathered in Casablanca, Morocco, for the first distributor meeting for French-speaking middle east countries ( North Africa) (Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria)!

This event, attended by around 50 people, was the opportunity to focus on local issues for dairy and poultry markets and deliver clear message to an audience more familiar with French than English, as shown by the high level of participation during the Q&As!  Because there was no language barrier, our message and technical information were well received and intense discussions took place during the four days of the meeting. The other innovation of this meeting was that it combined a distributor meeting with a technical meeting: distributor invited their key customers who could get first hand in-depth technical information. In the end, feed-back was very positive as the participants appreciated the technical level and availability of our products managers. A participant from Algeria commented: « For us it was very good to have a seminar in French and close to us, we could have the whole team there as well as some customers which was a plus for us, we really gained a better comprehension of technical products, the only negative point for me is that it was too dense… We will come back next year! » Another participant from Morocco confirmed:  “It is really an advantage for us to be able to bring customers, it endorses the high level of the products and the science behind them, it also shows them that what we sell is used worldwide.”

 The meeting was concluded by a farm tour belong to COPAG: participants discovered COPAG, one of the largest dairy farms cooperative in the country: an integrated dairy cooperative with at least 30000 cows and orchards which process its own brand of milk and milk derivatives as yoghurts and jus .

The experience will certainly be renewed next year!