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Nov 07, 2018

Industry testimonial: “Lallemand is very good in focusing and thinking ahead of the market needs”

Nov 07, 2018


Vet Produkt – Katalin Selmeczi and Gabriella Kisjuhasz

Vet Produkt, which was founded in 2007, is a Hungarian company that distributes veterinary products and feed additives for poultry, swine and dairy cows. Find out more about them on their website!


How long have you been working with Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s products? What is your route to market in Hungary and your best selling product today?

“Our collaboration started in 2009, first as an agent promoting all Lallemand Animal Nutrition products to feedmillers and premixers. Two years later, we then started to sell directly to pig farmers with the support of Lallemand tech team. At the end of 2017 we became a direct distributor for the whole Lallemand Animal Nutrition feed additives range in Hungary. Today, our best selling products from the portfolio are the probiotics: LEVUCELL SC for dairy and YANG for piglets and BACTOCELL for liquid feeding in fattening pigs.”

Can you tell us a bit about the animal nutrition market in Hungary?

“Poultry is probably the main market (around 35 million chickens, and 11 million altogether ducks, geese and turkeys) followed by swine, with 2.9 million head, and then dairy with 880,000 head, with large farm structures rather than family farms.”

Why did you choose to work with Lallemand Animal Nutrition?

“We are very pleased about our partnership with Lallemand. We really like the professional attitude of the people. We also benefit from a good technical support. The marketing material from Lallemand is not overwhelming but very specific and strategic with technical information, which we like. What we also like is the R&D focus of Lallemand, and we can really see the future ahead of this company. For us, it makes it easy to do business if you see that you are moving ahead, and I think Lallemand is very good in focusing and thinking ahead of the market needs, for example with antibiotic and ZnO reduction and use of probiotics. They are not following the market but rather going ahead, and this is something we really appreciate.”