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Jul 03, 2013

LEVUCELL® SB receives authorization from Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply for use in calves and broilers

Jul 03, 2013

The probiotic live yeast of Lallemand Animal Nutrition, LEVUCELL® SB, formulated with the specific Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii I-1079 has been authorized in Brazil by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply as a probiotic additive for supplementation of calves and broilers, besides sows and piglets, animal groups for which it was already registered.

The registration extension has been granted after the presentation of scientific studies that proved the yeast ability to balance the intestinal microflora, promoting more resistance against pathogens and better feed efficiency that results in better performances and reduction in costs with feed and medicines in broilers and young calves.

At first authorized for use in monogastrics, the great news is about the benefits that this strain can promote specially in newborn calves, when these animals are under challenger conditions and environment, and their immune system is not totally developed and often they are not getting enough colostrum in an appropriate time.