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Jul 02, 2013

LEVUCELL®SC increases Mozzarela yield

Jul 02, 2013

Daniele Doninotti, Lallemand Animal Nutrition Italy (center in the picture), just finalized an experimental  trial with LEVUCELL®SC on buffalo, the traditionnal milk source for the production of  Mozzarella !

Buffalo has high capacity to digest large amount of fibre corresponding to non human food grade diets , such as hay, as opposed to corn for example. On average, buffalo produces between 8-12L of milk/day, and it takes 5kg of this rich milk to make 1 Kg of mozzarella. This high value milk is paid about 3 times the price of cow milk.

The trial was conducted in a large commercial large herd of 300 heads, supervised by Pietro Parente (left in the picture), PhD  student, from the University of Napoli.

LEVUCELL®SC helped to better digest fiber, resulting in more milk produced (+1.3 kg/day), and overall higher mozzarella yield: 2.6 kg of Mozzarella/ day with the LEVUCELL SC  vs.  2.2 kg /day for the control group.

Results of this trial will be presented at the American Dairy Science Association Annual meeting in Indianapolis in July 2013.