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Silage inoculant for maize silage: MAGNIVA Gold

MAGNIVA Gold has been designed for such challenges, delivering silage with more retained dry matter, higher nutritional value, and improved feedout stability after 60 days of fermentation.

MAGNIVA Gold contains Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788, the most studied bacterial strain proven to improve aerobic stability in combination with Pediococcus pentosaceus NCIMB 12455. Used in combination, these two bacterial strains help produce quality, stable silage from a range of forages after 60 days of fermentation.

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P. pentosaceus NCIMB 12455 in MAGNIVA Gold quickly lowers silage pH ensuring undesirable bacteria and inhibited through the fermentation process. The gold standard L. buchneri NCIMB 40788 further enhances the process by improving aerobic stability by inhibiting the growth of yeasts and molds when the silage is opened.

Improved fermentation and aerobic stability of silages fermented for at least 60 days is key to maintaining nutritional levels and reducing dry matter losses.

MAGNIVA Gold is available in 200 gram sachets which treats 200 tons of fresh forage.

MAGNIVA Gold will remain viable for 24 months from date of manufacture, in original packaging, when stored in a cool (optimal < 4°C) dry place.

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