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Sil-All 4X4+: Silage inoculant for enhanced forage preservation during ensiling

Sil-All 4X4+ is an organic approved product comprised of 4 bacterial strains and 4 enzymes to enhance forage preservation during ensiling. It suits a wide range of forages.

This product is dedicated to:

  • Beans & Pulses
  • Bi-crops
  • Grass & Alfalfa wholecrop

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Why choose Sil-All 4X4+?

  • Contains enzymes to improve release of sugars
  • Covers a wide range of DM and crop species
  • Faster fermentation for better DM protection
  • Increases stability at feedout

1) Sil-All 4X4+ provides rapid fermentation with maximum nutrient retention.

Its unique package of 4 bacteria strains drives fermentation of forage during times of potential pH drops. This means fermentation occurs faster, inhibiting the development of spoilage organisms and protecting more:

  • DM
  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Digestibility
  • Milk potential
  • Meat potential

2) Sil-All 4X4+ improves protection of silage at feed out.

With the use of Propionibacterium acidipropionic bacteria, silage stays stable — even at feed out when silage comes in contact with oxygen. Thanks to its action on mold and yeast inhibiting properties, this bacteria strain keeps your silage cooler for longer.

3) Sil-All 4X4+ widens production potential.

The Sil-All 4X4+ homolactic fermentation converts sugar directly into lactic acid, minimizing DM loss. Even when forage has low sugar content, enzymes improve sugar release to enhance fermentation for nutritious, highly palatable silage.

Pack size: 4 x 250g

Treated tons: 50T

Application: 2 L/T

The use of Sil-All 4×4+ is not a substitute for good management practices.

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