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Sil-All Hay+

Sil-All Hay+ is a hay preservative that combines 3 preservative actions to reduce yeast and mold development in hay bales.

This product is dediacted to:

  • Hay

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Why choose Sil-All Hay+?

  • Improves dry matter (DM) protection
  • Inhibits spoilage due to yeasts and molds
  • Reduces heating

With Sil-All Hay+, dry matter (DM) and feed value of hay are better protected for higher palatability for your animals.

1) Sil-All HAY+ provides a triple action against spoilage organisms.

Sil-All HAY+ combines 3 broad spectrum preservatives with complementary actions:

  • Potassium sorbate stops the spoilage organisms’ energy supply
  • Sodium benzoate inhibits important yeast and mold enzymes
  • Sodium propionate damages yeast

2) Sil-All HAY+ significantly preserves the feed value of hay by reducing spoilage.

  • DM protection
  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces heating
  • Decreases risk of toxin development

Pack size: 10 kg

Treated tons: 40T

Application: 1 L/T

The use of Sil-All Hay+ is not a substitute for good management practices.

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