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Dec 08, 2015

European ruminant and swine experts moving Forward in Vienna

Dec 08, 2015

IMG_7454On November 24-25 2015 over 130 ruminants and swine nutrition experts, feed manufacturers and journalists from all over Europe gathered in Vienna, Austria, home of one of Lallemand yeast’s plant, for a series of technical seminars.

The first seminar, dedicated to ruminants, focused on transition management in dairy cow and on silage quality, and attracted around 100 people. The second seminar, attended by 80 persons, was dedicated to swine and focused on gut health and oxidative stress management. Both seminars combined keynote lectures by international experts (Prof. Zebeli from Vienna Veterinary University, Prof. Mc Allister from Agriculture Canada, Prof. Kung from University of Delaware, and Prof. Metzler-Zebeli from Vienna Veterinary University); technical presentations by Lallemand Animal Nutrition speakers and some practical workshop sessions, followed by the yeast manufacturing plant visit. The workshops allowed presenting educative tools as well as several on-farm diagnostic and audit tools developed by Lallemand Animal Nutrition in order to assess forage quality, rumen health, or swine liquid feed quality: a perfect occasion to demonstrate the company’s commitment to education; Lallemand Forward.

The seminars proceedings are available on request. To fill in a form, go to the tab ‘Contact us’.