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Feb 09, 2023

Lallemand Animal Nutrition Continues Expanding the Reach in the Global Pet Food Business

Feb 09, 2023

With the advent of 2023, it has been over 6 years since Lallemand Animal Nutrition decided to be active in the Pet Food Industry with the aim to be listed among the top leading suppliers of microbial solutions to support Pets health and well-being. The success of Lallemand Animal Nutrition in the pet food space have been recently reinforced by the growth of the Pet dedicated Team and the ambition to bridge the gap in companion animal microbiota science.

The global pet industry has witnessed continuous growth, “the pandemic promoted more people to become pet owners to make them feel less lonely. And pet humanization – anthropomorphism – is a strong trend within the pet industry”, said Dr. Francesca SUSCA, Global Pet Product Manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, “pets are often considered as family members, with more and more pet owners looking to provide their pets with human-like products and experiences.”

Read our global pet product manager, Dr. Francesca SUSCA recent interview with FeedNavigator,you’ll get to know why consumers and brand owners are increasingly looking for ingredients that are transparent, functional, and natural, with a clear mode of action, and Lallemand’s microbial-based and natural solutions are ideally positioned to meet these demands.

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