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May 27, 2022

Latest findings on shrimp microbiota presented at World Aquaculture 2021

May 27, 2022

lallemand animal nutrition at world aquaculture 2021

This week at the World Aquaculture 2021 meeting in Mexico, Ana Rodiles, Senior Scientist at the Lallemand Monogastric Center of Excellence, introduced her latest findings on shrimp microbiota. The study, performed with the contribution of BioMar Group, aimed at searching for a new microbiota marker of shrimp gut health and welfare.

The Rhodobacteraceae/Vibrionales ratio was identified as a good potential biomarker of intestinal microbial diversity, which is typically associated with intestinal and shrimp health and robustness. The Rhodobacteraceae family includes beneficial bacteria with potential pre/probiotic function. On the other hand, the Vibrionales contain opportunist and pathogenic species for shrimp. This work is part of Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s efforts to better understand the role and significance of shrimp microbiota. This new biomarker could prove very valuable when evaluating the efficacy of gut health management approaches such as probiotic or bioremediation strategies.


To find out more about shrimp microbiota research download our white paper:

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