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Dec 23, 2013

November Open Farm Meetings in Italy

Dec 23, 2013

The month of November in Italy was dedicated to silage. Our partner Sivam organized 5 successful Open Dairy Farm Days across Northern Italy. The meetings took place: in Trentino, close to the Alps, in Lombardy,  Italy’s highest milk production area, in  Veneto and last but not least in Emilia, stronghold of the delicious Parmigiano  Reggiano cheese.

The open farm days, attended by over 150 farmers, were focused on explaining on field the importance of building a healthy rumen.  Key topics such as calf management, dairy cow diets and silage production were addressed by specialized speakers. Daniele Doninotti explained in detail the best practices to obtain a high quality silage and the importance of LALSIL® inoculants to assure maize silage stability.