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AGRIMOS is a primary grown yeast cell wall with a high content of mannan oligosaccharide designed to balance the digestive system of animals.
ALKOSEL® R397 is a specific inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) product containing the essential trace element selenium in its natural food form, L(+) selenomethionine. It is p...
BACTOCELL is a specific probiotic lactic acid bacteria dedicated to poultry, swine and aquatic species that stabilizes microbiota balance and enhances digestive function.
FERMAID EASE is a natural feed ingredient for horses.
FIBOSEL is a feed material containing selected cell wall fractions of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae baker’s yeast rich in b-1,3/1,6-glucans.
LALSEA BIOREM is a specific blend of live bacteria designed to improve pond water quality of farmed fish and shrimp.
LALSIL CL, a silage inoculant for grass and corn silage designed to quickly acidify sugar-rich silages.
LALSIL COMBO is a silage inoculant that quickly improves acidification and preservation of silage. Also improves aerobic stability.
LALSIL DRY is a silage inoculant designed to improve the aerobic stability and fermentation of high dry matter grass and alfalfa silage.
LALSIL FRESH is a silage inoculant designed to improve the fermentation and aerobic stability of whole crop maize, sorghum and corn cob silages.
LALSIL PS is a silage inoculant for legumes, mixed and natural meadows to reduce the pH of silage.
LEVUCELL SB is a specific probiotic live yeast dedicated to monogastric animals that acts on intestinal microbiota and strengthen animal's natural defenses.
Levucell SC is a specific live probiotic yeast used in ruminants and horses feeds, to optimize rumen function in ruminants and hindgut function in horses.
M-Glucan is a feed material for use in all animal species. M-Glucan helps support the natural defenses of animals.
MELOFEED is a feed supplement made from dried melon juice from a specific variety that is naturally rich in the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD).
YANG is a combination of inactivated yeast fractions formulated and patented to support pets and farmed animal's natural defenses.