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Dec 16, 2015

Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces MELOFEED® DRINK

Dec 16, 2015


Lallemand-Animal-Nutrition-Melofeed-Drink-Packaging-december-2015A NEW, EASY WAY TO BENEFIT FROM MELOFEED’S UNIQUE ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces MELOFEED® DRINK* is now available to livestock producers. MELOFEED® is an innovative and unique antioxidant solution based on a concentrated melon juice and pulp naturally rich in primary antioxidant enzymes, superoxyde dismutase (SOD) and catalases. MELOFEED® DRINK is the water-dispersible form of this antioxidant solution for use in the drinking water of all animal species.

Developed by Lallemand and Bionov and tested in farm trials with poultry, piglets and rabbits, MELOFEED® DRINK is stable in water for 24 hours and ensures homogenous concentration of SOD. This new solution facilitates a flexible application of the antioxidant source, allowing rapid intervention at times of high oxidative challenges such as heat stress, vaccination, pathogen challenges and more. MELOFEED® DRINK can be incorporated directly into water lines on farms at the precise dosage and time of intervention for all animal species.


*Not all products are available in all markets nor all claims allowed in all regions.