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Jul 29, 2016

Success of the first LALLEMAND’TOUR: over 500 participants greeted in the pilot farms

Jul 29, 2016


Thanks to the variety of farm profiles, different issues could be discussed: large dairy herd management, waste management in farm, the use of feeding robot in farm, good silage practices, but also dairy goats and beef cattle management.

This was the first full week dedicated to good practices and field application of our microbial solutions. The financial benefits of Lallemand solutions were particularly highlighted.

The organization of workshops allowed to present different educative tools and on-farm diagnostic and audit tools developed by Lallemand Animal Nutrition, in order for example to evaluate silage quality or rumen efficiency. This was the opportunity to highlight our commitment to educate the market as part of Lallemand Forward services solutions among farmers and feed professionals.

Lallemand’Tour facts and figures:

  • – 5 pilot farms,
  • – 50 workshops,
  • – over 500 people,
  • – 2,000 kms,
  • – 1700 bovines,
  • – 360 goats,
  • – and close to 2,000 crêpes!

Thank you to the participants who made this event a real success, and to the farmers of our network for welcoming us in their farm.

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