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Jul 08, 2022

Industry testimonial: “Nowadays, the use of positive biofilm is required, not just as an additional measure, but as a necessary one.”

Jul 08, 2022

Clair Matin Veterinary Clinic – Mr. Patrick CHABROL, practicing veterinarian specializing in poultry farming

Clair Matin Veterinary Clinic is a veterinary practice with around 20 vets based in Bourg-en-Bresse, France, committed to the treatment of dogs, cats, horses, and livestock, including pigs, poultry, and calves.

How long has the practice been interested in using positive biofilms?

Within the scope of our practice as vets specializing in poultry farming, we are particularly interested in laying hen and pullet farms, which have very demanding health requirements, particularly with the control of Salmonella. We have been using the concept of surface microflora since 1998 and following cleaning and disinfection protocols to re-seed the buildings following disinfection.

For our clients, we have been using Lallemand Animal Nutrition products — LALFILM PRO in particular — for six to seven years in addition to MANURE PRO on litter, using the positive microflora to manage and re-establish a positive biofilm on surfaces to complement the disinfection process.

Nowadays, almost all our laying hen farms use LALFILM PRO to re-inoculate surfaces after disinfection, after the disinfectants have dried and before the animals arrive.


What is the interest level in, and perception of, LALFILM PRO use among farmers?

It has been easy to introduce LALFILM PRO in laying hen or pullet farms as they are subject to surface sampling to check for the presence of Salmonella. These farmers have a very high level of biosecurity and the concept of positively inoculating the surface seemed very logical and easy to set up.

This positive inoculation concept can also be applied to poultry for meat production, subject to the same regulations, or to other species, such as pig and cattle farms.


What is the role of positive microflora alongside disinfection?

Nowadays, the use of positive biofilm is required, not just as an additional measure, but as a necessary one. I could not imagine leaving a building just disinfected before reintroducing animals.

It is clearly a tool that is fully integrated into the biosecurity process.


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