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Aug 03, 2015

How to ensure optimal application of your silage inoculant?

Aug 03, 2015

Are you sure your silage inoculant is well applied?

Silage inoculants contain specifically selected live bacteria that are diluted and applied in small quantity at harvest. Their very nature could represent a limit to their use: in traditional formulations, the bacteria, once mixed with water, tend to sediment to the bottom of the tank after only a few hours. Lab experiments have shown that after a few hours nearly 0% of the total bacteria is found in the top of the tank while about 500% is found at the bottom. As a result, the application is far from optimal, with risk of overdosing at the bottom of the silo while under-dosing the top part of the silo, where in most of the cases the aerobic challenge is greater due to higher porosity, and inoculant is most needed.

Moreover, the product stability, once diluted in water, is very short. The bacteria may survive few hours in water outside the silo. Hence, at the end of the working day or silo, the remaining product should be discarded from the tank.

Thus, before thinking: “I used inoculant and it did not work”, it is important to ask yourself whether the inoculant was efficiently applied throughout the silo and in optimal conditions.

Ensuring homogenous application: the HC revolution

To address these issues and answer the needs of fast harvests, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed the HC (High Concentration) technology. Bernard Andrieu, Lalsil Brand Manager explains: “The HC technology has been developed with three criteria in mind:
  • 1) High concentration of the product (to be compatible with low volume applicators for fast harvests)
  • 2) No sedimentation (for homogenous application throughout the silo)
  • 3) high stability”.

Today, this technology has proven itself and is applied to all the LALSIL® range of silage inoculants. Contractors and farmers can use low volume applicators and ensure homogenous and effective spraying of the inoculant throughout the silo:

  • With up to 3×1011 live bacteria/g of product, HC offers the highest product concentration on the market and can be applied at 1-2g per treated ton of silage.
  • The HC inoculant remains in suspension for up to 24 hours after dilution. The inoculant is evenly spread throughout the harvest and there is no risk of clogging the pump in the case of low volume applicators
  • The bacteria remain alive and active in the tank: after 24 hours there is still more than 80% of the live population, whereas non HC products show a recovery of less than 50% Thus, at the end of the working day, the solution can be kept in the tank for use the next day.

“The effective use of silage inoculant depends on the observance of good ensiling practices, in particular to ensure optimal density and sealing of the silo. In addition to the HC technology and our science based, proven formulations, we offer users the tools, educational and technical support necessary to ensure good quality silage.” reminds Bernard Andrieu.

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