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Jul 26, 2018

Industry Testimonial: Mr. Lê Phan Khôi from Innochems, Vietnam

Jul 26, 2018


Mr. Lê Phan Khôi, Director, and Ms. Nguyên ThI Thanh Loan, Deputy Director – Sales Manager, Innochems, Vietnam.

About Innochems:

  • Founded in 2002
  • Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • 16 employees
  • One of the leading distributors of functional feed and food additives in Vietnam
  • Distributes Lallemand Animal products in Vietnam since 2008.

Can you tell us a bit about the animal nutrition market in Vietnam and your route to market for Lallemand’s solutions?

Swine is the main market in Vietnam. It does represent over 60% of the animal nutrition market altogether. We sell LEVUCELL SB for swine. We work with local sub-distributors for small farms as they are not easy to reach. The local companies visit them. They sell premixes under their own brand, using our ingredients. Innochems sells directly to feed mills and large swine farms.

Poultry is the second market. We understand well the effects of BACTOCELL in poultry’s gut and decided to launch it. We completed registration in Vietnam for layers and breeders in 2016 so it is a new market for us. It is a promising market as we need to find alternative solutions for antibiotics and BACTOCELL key selling points are: improvement of gut health, performance and, also, better egg quality.

Aquaculture may not be as big as swine or poultry, but it is a high-value market thanks to exports. We are distributing BACTOCELL for aquaculture. The dairy market is not so developed in Vietnam, it is mainly small-scale farms with five, 10 or 20 dairy cows. The total dairy population in Vietnam is 300,000 head. We have a few really big farms, mainly in the center of Vietnam. We sell direct essentially to the big dairy farms and make some premixes (farm packs) for small-scale farms. We use Lallemand’s formulations with LEVUCELL SC and ALKOSEL. These are technical products, and we organize seminars and meetings to support the sales. Today, our best-selling product from Lallemand portfolio is LEVUCELL SB for swine, due to the market size, followed by LEVUCELL SC.

What about antibiotic use and the regulatory framework?

In Vietnam, antibiotics will no longer be allowed as growth promoter. The government strictly controls the antibiotics used in feed. Vietnam is following the EU regulation in this matter.

Why did you choose to work with Lallemand Animal Nutrition?

Our slogan is “safe feed, safe food”, and we aim to offer safe solutions to replace antibiotics. We are very happy with our collaboration with Lallemand Animal Nutrition, due to the good quality of the products and the very good technical support from the team. Technical support is an essential part of the success of our business. The communication with the team is also very easy — people are really accessible and the secure website is easy to access to get product and marketing documentation.