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Feb 13, 2018

Silage technical meeting in Blanca, Spain

Feb 13, 2018

Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 has become the gold standard to improve silage aerobic stability” Professor Limin Kung, from Delaware University at Lallemand silage technical meeting in Blanca, Spain

Professor Limin Kung

A technical meeting, held at the Blanca dairy in the Spanish Pyrenees, was dedicated to aerobic stability in silage and gathered around 30 guests from Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece and Portugal.

As guest speaker, Professor Limin Kung, the aerobic stability expert, reminded the audience:  “Aerobic instability may account for over 50% of total dry matter loss in the silo.”

In addition to forage loss, poor aerobic stability also has repercussions on cow nutrition: not only does dry matter intake decrease, but recent research also shows that fiber digestibility decreases.

“The cows eat less and what they eat is also less digestible, sums up Dr. Kung. At the end of the day, farm revenue is affected.

After detailing the chain of reactions that leads to spoilage in the silo after exposure to air, Dr. Kung reviewed the management practices that are key to helping prevent spoilage, both related to silo making ─such as packing, sealing and the use of an inoculant ─ and at feed out.

Good silage fermentation is not enough to prevent aerobic stability, as, according to Kung, even good fermentation process does not control what happens once the silo is exposed to air. He demonstrated that homolactic bacteria, which are appropriate inoculants to control fermentation, have no effect on aerobic stability. Only specially selected heterofermentative bacteria that produce antifungal compounds show real aerobic stability improvement.

He concluded that Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 has become the gold standard to improve aerobic stability, showing consistent results.”

The presentation was welcomed with animated technical discussions and followed by an insight into Lallemand Research and Development activities in the field of aerobic stability and the search for the next generation of inoculants to further improve aerobic stability whatever the fermentation time. The group went through a visit of the Blanca state-of-the-art dairy farm to conclude the event.