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Lallemand Animal Nutrition is working in partnership with Dr Tom Chamberlain in the first UK project launched to provide real time data on heat stress in cows.
The graphs show THI (Temperature and Humidity Index) for housed cattle and DHLI (Dairy Heat Load Index) for grazing situations. Hover your mouse over the graph for more accurate readings.

The below table outlines parameters for benchmarking THI and DHLI

Assessment Est. milk yield loss THI Scores DHLI Scores
None 0 l/day under 62 under 23
Moderate 0 – 2 l/day 62 to 72 23 to 36
High 2 – 4 l/day 73 to 79 37 to 46
Severe over 4 l/day over 79 over 46

See below for more information.

Andrew Eastabrook Home Farm – Hartpury University and Hartpury College – Gloucestershire
No of cows: 250 Holstein Friesian & Guernsey
Calving pattern: Autumn & Spring block
Average yield cow/yr: 9,500

Phil Nash – Brighthams Farm – West Sussex
No of cows: 282 Holstein Friesian
Calving pattern: All Year Round
Average yield cow/yr: 10,000

James Yeatman – Grange Farm – Dorset
No of cows: 400 Holstein Friesian
Calving pattern: Autumn block
Average yield cow/yr: 11,000

Ollie Thew – Mapledurham Farm – Reading
No of cows: 475 Holstein
Calving pattern: All Year Round
Average yield cow/yr: 11,500

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The above farms have agreed to take part in our joint heat stress monitoring project, the project involves each farm having two heat stress monitors on their farm, one in the housed buildings and the second in/around the grazing platform.

We will be monitoring the THI and DHLI on the farms throughout the summer and posting tips and advice for farmers to help manage heat stress.
For full heat stress data linked to the farms click the image below:


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