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Probiotic lactic acid bacteria for monogastrics: BACTOCELL

BACTOCELL is a feed additive based on a live lactic acid bacteria (Pediococcus acidilactici MA 18/5M). It is registered and authorized in the European Union as a gut flora stabilizer under the zootechnical feed additives category and is available in many other countries outside the EU.

BACTOCELL is a homofermentative bacteria selected for its ability to convert non-digestible complex carbohydrates into L+ lactic acid.

It is able to survive throughout the gut and plays an important role in microflora balance, intestinal system maturity and digestive efficiency.

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  • Helps allow a faster and safer feed delivery progression along the feeding curve
  • Helps reduce the risk of digestive problems at the start of the fattening phase
  • Contributes to enhanced growth and digestive efficiency
  • Decreases the risk of mortality at the end of fattening phase

When used in liquid feed systems, BACTOCELL helps control microflora from the tank to the pipes and helps keep the soup safe and palatable.

BACTOCELL should be used all along the fattening phase at the recommended technical dose. When used in liquid feed systems, the start of BACTOCELL supplementation needs to follow a specific protocol. Please consult your local representative before use.

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