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Silage inoculant for grass that is easy to ensile: MAGNIVA Classic

For easy to ensile, grass silage up to 26% DM

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Watch instruction for use

Forage inoculant formulated specially for easy to ensile, grass silage up to 26% DM, MAGNIVA CLASSIC  contains a unique combination of proven bacteria and enzymes that will improve the fermentation and feed value of silage

  • A faster and more efficient initial fermentation
  • More silage to feed due to lower dry matter losses
  • Higher true protein retention
  • Improved fibre digestion

                                                                                                                         200g sachet

Tonnes of fresh forage treated per sachet:                                                    100tt

Mix content of sachet in water at ambient temperature in:                       1.00 Litre

Make up to (final dilution volume):

For standard application rate of 2 litres per tonne                                      200 litres

For low volume application of 50ml per tonne                                             5.00 litres

Required dilution may vary depending on the intended application. Consult your technician before use. After dilution, use within 48 hours

MAGNIVA Classic will remain viable for 24 months from date of manufacture, in original packaging, when stored in a cool (optimal < 4°C) dry place.

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