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slurriN PRO

SlurriN PRO is a biological treatment designed to establish a thriving population of naturally occurring micro-organisms that work to optimise the value of slurry.

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SlurriN PRO is an enzyme and bacterial complex that promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms in slurry.


SlurriN PRO reduces the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere as ammonia and increases the amount of retained N, P and K.

It also reduces odour and assists with breakdown of solids.

1 sachet (1KG) treats 200,000 litres or 44,000 gallons of slurry (equivalent to 1 months’ worth of slurry from 100 dairy cows)

Starter dose: Add enough SlurriN PRO for three months worth of slurry at the beginning of the storage period.

Top-up dose: Three months after the starter dose add enough SlurriN PRO for the remainder of the storage period.

Mix sachet powder in 10 litres or more of clean, non-treated water at ambient temperature and aim to distribute it evenly into the liquid fraction of the slurry.

For optimum results run stirrer until fully mixed but only if safe to do so for both animals and operator.

SlurriN PRO is supplied packaged in a 1kg aluminium sachet to guarantee shelf life.

SlurrN PRO can be kept for 24 months from the date of manufacture when kept in its original, unopened packaging and stored in a cool, dry place.

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