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pre-cut fresh grass

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The targets in the pre-cut test instructions can be used as a guideline to good forage management practices but it is important to take the unique situation on your farm into account when looking at results/readings.

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Why use a pre-cut grass test?

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Simple to use pack that contains an instruction sheet, sample bags for multiple grass tests, pre-paid postage bags and test instruction sheet.

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Gives you an insight into the quality progression of your grass helping you cut when the grass is at the optimal growth stage
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Gives you the ability to plan the theoretical optimal cutting date and secure a contractor as well as the supplies you need for silage making in advance

Take control of  your forage with our specific inoculants

As an expert in microbial fermentation, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed a range of forage inoculants to address the specific challenges faced in each crop at ensiling. By choosing the right inoculant, silage producers can ensure optimal preservation of dry matter and the nutritive value of their silage crops from the field to feedout, optimising performance and animal efficiency.

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